Leading Armored Vehicle Manufacturer in Dubai – UAE

Leading Armored Vehicle Manufacturer in Dubai – UAE

10 Benefits of Having an armoured Vehicle

Armoured vehicles have long been used to transport extremely valuable objects and VIPs such as politicians, businessmen, national leaders, celebrities, etc. These vehicles have a lot of foolproof protection features that ensure maximum safety for the passengers and other cargo that might ride in these.


These vehicles though can be very expensive; however, they are worth the investment since they can protect you from fatal accidents and other criminal attacks. 


So, if you are a security-conscious person who runs an important business operation or holds a key position in some public or private sector institute, you can go for an armoured vehicle to ensure your life is always protected.


There are a lot of benefits of having an armoured vehicle and that is why they have become very popular both in military as well as civil societies. In this article, we are going to discuss why you need to buy such a vehicle for your traveling so stay with us till the end.

1. Maximum Protection

Armoured vehicles can protect passengers as well as important objects inside from criminal activities like hijacking, theft, bullet attacks, etc., as well as from accidents involving great impacts with other cars and structures like buildings.

This maximum protection makes sure you are safely escorted from point A to B without any major risks. Maximum protection is the main reason why politicians, foreign dignitaries, celebrities, and leading businesses prefer armoured vehicles over anything else.

2. Complete Discreetness

These vehicles not only provide protection but they do it in a discreet way as well. Sometimes you do not even notice that a vehicle is armoured and is carrying some precious cargo. 


These cars are equipped with bulletproof glass, superior suspensions, and armoured plates. All these enhanced features are made to look just like a normal car which adds an extra layer of protection.

3. Symbol of Status and Luxury

These cars offer safety without sacrificing luxury. In many situations, these cars are considered a symbol of status. For example, when you have to transport important business associates, government officials, and high-ranking dignitaries from other organizations or countries, you can offer these vehicles to make them feel appreciated and valued.


Thus, having such vehicles in your fleet can help you leave a very strong impression on these important people.

4. Peace of Mind

When you travel in an armoured vehicle, you are fully aware that no matter what happens, your life will be safe and Secure. Knowing that any accident or criminal attack can be rendered ineffective if you are present inside this vehicle gives you peace of mind.


This makes your traveling experience carefree by eliminating any risks to your health and well-being.

5. Offer Immaculate Self Defense

These vehicles can increase your chances of staying safe even when your line of work involves interactions with dangerous and unpredictable elements. armoured vehicles can protect you from all sorts of external attacks which gives you better self-defense.


Some of these vehicles also have built-in offense options which can help you get out of risky situations without any damage.

6. Durability and Long Lifespan

Unlike normal vehicles, armoured cars have unbreakable windows, defensive plastics, fireproof bodies, puncture-prof tires, etc. All these features make them gasproof, bulletproof, and in some cases even bombproof.


This means these cars can keep running for a long time without needing any sort of maintenance or repairs. The durability and long life of these cars make them the best investment you can ever make.

7. Safety Installment

These cars have a large range of safety installment features including the latest GPS technology, superior brakes, advanced suspensions, tough tire system, etc.

All these features ensure complete safety and high performance of these vehicles even after several years of their use. Thus, these cars are the perfect choice for safe driving in any kind of environment.

8. Protection of Dignitaries

Armoured cars have numerous applications like transporting cash, antiques, valuable art pieces, etc. However, their most important and common use is the transfer of high-ranking dignitaries from one place to another in a completely discreet and safe way.


Organizations both on public and private level can use these vehicles to ensure their clients are able to move to and from their place without encountering any resistance, accidents, or some other unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances.

9. Inconspicuous Look

Most modern armoured vehicles look just like normal cars. If a car is equipped with armour technology but looks like a regular car, it becomes less of a target since the onlookers believe there cannot be something valuable inside.


Having such a car at your disposal will ensure you are able to enjoy safe rides without having a huge target on your back. This gives you a great sense of security without having to worry about potential attacks and other safety risks.

10. Unbreakable Glass

The glass of these cars consists of polycarbonate substrate and lead which can resist even close-range bullet attacks with ease. Most attacks on vehicles are from the glass windows and by eliminating this possibility an armoured car reduces threats to your life significantly.


These cars also use ballistic glass, synthetic fibers, and armoured steel to give you maximum protection. Thus, having an armoured car can eliminate weak points and blind spots in your car giving you an impenetrable ride to your destination.

Final Thoughts

Your safety and protection should never be compromised. An armoured car can withstand bomb explosions, firing, and collisions with other vehicles, and objects. This means you can travel in these cars without having to worry about your life and safety even for a second.


Gone are the times, when armoured vehicles were only used by the military or were considered a luxury that only super-rich people could afford.


Many manufacturers are now working on cheaper and more sophisticated-looking armoured cars designed especially for civilians. So, we urge you to consider buying such a vehicle if you wish to ensure a completely Secure and carefree traveling experience.

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