Leading Armored Vehicle Manufacturer in Dubai – UAE

Leading Armored Vehicle Manufacturer in Dubai – UAE

Things to Consider When Buying an armoured Vehicle – Complete Guide

Thinking of buying an armoured car but don’t know what to expect and how to proceed? Well, we have something you might find useful. armoured vehicles have become the top choice of people who are conscious of their safety and well-being. 


These cars are often used by government officials, businesses, celebrities, foreign dignitaries, and other VIPs who hold key positions in public or private sector organizations. An armoured vehicle is designed to withstand great impacts, firing, and other unfortunate accidents that can potentially kill the passenger.


In order to find the right armoured vehicle, you will need to proceed in a careful and systematic way. If you do this carelessly, you will not only waste a lot of your money but also put your life at great risk.


Here is how you can find the best-armoured vehicle for yourself

1. Determine Your Protection Needs

There are a lot of factors you need to consider when buying an armoured car. You need to determine whether you will need the vehicle only for passengers or for carrying other objects like cash, antiques, etc.


You also need to consider things like the number of passengers, type of the road i.e., surface streets, highway, etc., size of the parking space, fuel economy, etc.


By determining your protection needs, you can easily find a car that is the best fit for you. 

2. Choose Your Budget

A lot of labor and expensive material goes into making armoured vehicles. This makes these cars much costlier than regular vehicles. Typically, it costs about 30k for armouring plus the vehicle. Some manufacturers sell such cars for over 800k. You need to consider whether you want a brand-new armoured car or you can do with armouring your regular car.


After that, you can decide how much you will be able to spend without hurting your budget or cutting down current essential expenses.

3. Decide Between Buying and Leasing

Next, you need to consider whether leasing or buying is a better option for you. When you lease an armoured vehicle there is very little or no down payment and the amount you pay monthly is also not that high. However, once the lease ends, you will have no car.


On the other hand, buying costs you much higher and the monthly payments are quite great. However, this gives you complete ownership of the car and you can choose to keep it for as long as you want.

4. Take Ownership Costs into Consideration

There are some armoured cars that are cheaper to buy but expensive to own. Some cars depreciate faster than others and that is why you need to take that factor into consideration.


By taking into account the ownership costs of a car, you can find a vehicle that doesn’t drain you financially when you decide to sell it. You also need to consider the maintenance costs of the car before you pick one. This can also help you save some money down the line.

5. Find Cars for Sale

This is the point where you visit the online website of armoured car sellers or visit their store physically. You can tell them what your protection needs and budget are and they can show you what they have in that range.


Just make sure to clearly communicate your needs and the dealer will have no trouble finding what you need. While looking for armoured vehicles, make sure to consider more than just their shape and color.

6. Look at The Build Material and Features

Different cars use different materials for glass windows, tires, engines, etc. Make sure the car you choose has bullet-proof glass or Lexan polycarbonate windows, a heavy-duty armoured steel body, advanced suspensions, puncture-prof tires, and smooth brakes. You can also take into account the comfort level of the seats, interior design, navigation features, and other such amenities.


Consider what features you need most in your car and then choose a vehicle that has all of these. If you pick a car this way, you will not have to worry about compromising both your comfort as well as safety in any way.

7. Always Set Up a Test Drive

A test drive will help you get a real feel of the car. Make sure to turn the music off so that you are able to listen to every single sound coming out of your car.


Take the car to the roads that you are familiar with. Check out both front and back seats, cargo space, quality of suspensions, and the ease of braking and starting.


All these things will help you determine whether the car you have picked will be able to give you what you need in terms of comfort and safety.

8. Choose Your Car and Make Purchases

If you have followed all the above steps carefully, now you are ready to make the purchase. At this time, you will start to feel confident about the choice you have made and you can proceed to buy or lease.


We have already discussed what buying and leasing entail and we urge you once again to consider both these options one more time before you go ahead and make the purchase.


Now you own a safe armoured vehicle that you can use to travel anywhere you want without the risks of damage or theft to your life and precious belongings.    

Final Thoughts

So, this is how you can approach buying an armoured car with minimum risks. If you follow the above steps carefully, you will be able to find a car that suits your needs and also fits your budget.


There are so many armoured vehicle options available out there and you can easily get distracted and make a wrong choice. In order to avoid such issues, make sure to follow the above guide. This way you will not put your money or safety at any risk and soon find a safe vehicle to travel and transport your precious objects.  

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